Our classes are for all fitness levels and our trainers provide progressions and regressions to enjoy your workout and get results. Take your pick from our range of inclusive gym classes:

High Intensity Interval Training


AFROHIIT is our true signature class on an international level of high intensity interval training.

The workout consists of 4 stations:

  • TRX (suspension training)
  • Plyometric Box (powerful / explosives movements)
  • FitBench (an exercise bench with pre-loaded weights)
  • Ski or Row Ergometer

All workouts are programmed with continuously varied exercises by expert trainers.

Dance workout with African style tunes


AFROBEATS is a truly fun dance workout with your favourite African music. 

    The workout is a variety of dancing styles blended into one amazing and upbeat class.

    Our diverse team of dance instructors will provide you with a cardio workout, testing your coordination, stamina and agility.

    Join us and grove to the african music at this fun class aimed at all levels.

    Yoga & Pilates exercises the AFROFIT style


    AFROMOVES is our low intensity class, adding muscle tone, recovery, flexibility and peace of mind.

    The workout combines Yoga & Pilates moves into one routine.

    The classes vary in styles and are our very own take on these two classic forms of exercises with long tradition.

    Full-body open air workout


    AFRO - OUTDOOR EXPLODE is circuit training combined with plyometrics and bodyweight exercises.

    The workout uses a circuit of 16 EXPLODE strength machines and functional training equipment located on our outdoor balcony covered with astroturf.

    The combination of resistance equipment and bodyweight exercises gets your heart rate pumping, while building strength and muscle through resistance.

    Group workout featuring conditioning workouts


    The workout consists of 3 circuit stations:

    • Strength circuit - focuses on functional bodybuilding movements, weightlifting and core exercises.
    • AMRAP 3,2,1 (as many rounds as possible )-tailored to work on agility, coordination and efficiency.
    • Zone Training - a 5 station circuit offering a medley of body weighted exercises to build strength and muscle endurance

    All workouts are programmed with continuously varied exercises by expert trainers

    Our classes are for all fitness level and our trainers provide progressions and regressions for you to challenge yourself and achieve your fitness goals.

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